But First Caroline

First there was this

Please know that this was purely coincidental. She can't read. This was in the reference section next to her beloved bug books. I think she grabbed it because it was a little taller than the other books around it.

But then there was this, followed by this conversation: 

Caroline: How about I be an actor, but on the computer?
Indiana: You want to make videos?
Caroline: No, I want you to make them, and I'll just be in them. 

We figure if Caroline has an idea for a video, we'll help her make one. She's three, so why not let her explore this creative part of her personality? We don't plan to give her her own YouTube channel or dedicated social media accounts or anything crazy like that. Her vlogs can just live here on our site (I mean, MJ&DJ needs some fresh content, right?). So, without further ado, here's "But First Caroline!". Caroline had the idea to introduce all her favorite toys: 

If you have any suggestions for future "But First Caroline" episodes, I'll let her know. I'll also read her your comments if you have nice things to say. [Shout out to our dear friend Linda who suggested "But First Caroline" for the title of Caroline's blog!]

Posted on July 26, 2016 and filed under video.