And we're back!

Our show mysteriously disappeared from iTunes, but the excellent customer service support at Apple and Libsyn has helped recover it. Our first 14 episodes are back online, and we'll be starting season two of Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes soon soon soon! 

Get caught up here

We've decided to narrow the focus about what we write about as a team over here, too. Indiana's solo writing will live at Indiana/Elsewhere (I found that while I really enjoy having a project with Chris, that I really miss having a place to write about things that do not interest him at all-- ahem!-- clothes). MJ&DJ will be focused on our conversations and the things we do together: exploring Atlanta as a family, date nights, home projects, joint reviews, parenting, and our podcast. We hope it will look a lot of Adored Austin looked in its beginning stages-- where our city had a co-starring role.

To that end, we've finally nailed down an editorial calendar that we hope will keep us inspired and focused: 

  • MONDAYS // Conversations with our quotable kids
  • TUESDAYS // Podcast and show notes
  • WEDNESDAYS // Local features and reviews
  • THURSDAYS // Home stuffs
  • FRIDAYS // Link round ups

We've missed you! We're excited to have everything on the back end finally straightened out and to start Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes anew! 

Posted on June 18, 2016 and filed under podcast.